Below you can review example projects as well as get an overview of our capabilities at Convergent Technologies

FEA Example

Solid Modeling, FEA and Simulation Tools

We use solid modeling and suimulation on all our projects.  This allows us to quickly make design trade-offs and analyze the design to insure it will meet customer specifications.

Solid Works

Software Development

Complete Software Development Tools

Nearly every project requires  software development for user interface and motion control. We use Microsoft®  and National Instruments® products for our standard development platforms 

Inspection System

Optical Inspection System for Flat Panel Inspection.

This system was upgraded using a laser interferometer to improve the repeatability of locating defects and features on flat panel substrates. Before the upgrade the system had positioning precision of more than 10 mm. After the addition of the DMI system we achieved ~ 1 um over 300mm.

Optical Setups

Typical Optical Setup on TMC Table.

Every optical project needs to have a breadboard phase to insure the components and subsystems will integrate and properly operate. This phase requires many "building blocks" and  optical accessories which are part of our in house tool kits.

Semicon Stage Demo

Demo System for Semiconductor Trade Show

Customers often have little spare engineering time to design and build demonstration systems for trade shows. we built and assembled a high speed stage which had stage motions in excess of 1.5 meters per second and was monitored by a laser interferometer system. We supplied the complete solution including custom software and a "roll on" shipping case which greatly simplified the show setup.


Wafer Stage Metrology

Semiconductor lithography tools require ultra-high precision position feedback solutions. We have participated in the design and fabrication phases of several of these projects including machines in the DUV and X-Ray exposure range.

Air Flow System

Air Flow Test System

We developed the fixturing and air direction louver system for a complex air-turbulence evaluation system. This included building the units and evaluating the flow patterns using a smoke generator and video system

Optical Pick Up Holder

Precision Optical Pickup Fixturing

Optics that operate over a wide field of view must be tested to insure they meet all product specifications. We developed "snap in" tooling for this application to allow fast and repeatable registration of the optics under test.

Video Inspection Software

Custom Video System Software

Optical Inspection including dimensional measurement of test parts is a special focus at Convergent. We have developed applications based on several video libraries and provide a complete solution for special projects.

Clean Room Machine

Clean Room Test Systems

Clean Room environments call for special attention in the design and operation of test equipment. We have designed and built several machines to test optics and other components that can not tolerate contamination from dust or handling. Typically these applications also include complete control and process software to provide manufacturing results and trend analysis to improve production yields.

Sensor Screen

Stage Calibration and Control Software

Many projects require custom and purpose built software solutions. We use the latest tools and languages to provide simple, yet powerful front end and control software. Our user interfaces typically walk the user through the process of testing, building or calibration products. Automatic data analysis and presentation is included to improve yield for manufacturing as well as engineering


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